Bratang Floral Market Tourism and Fauna in Surabaya

Initially, Flower Market Bratang in a piece of farm form, which is the alternative of choice of five-flower merchant that coming from Kayun/Kayoon Flower Market. They must move because their reason is less the farm broadness. Grow since year 1990-an across every alley with floor paving block as wide as less than 1 meter. The typical aroma of some flower is smell by the friendliness smiling of the flower merchants. It is for 2400 m2 farm precise in west side of Bratang Market, the merchants arrange interest ornamental plant and also leaf elegantly, clean and respected. More than 200 stands that owned by 65 merchants of vary size but generally fairish 3x4 meter.
Usually in the weekend, Saturday and Sunday car parking in Bratang market yard which now change its name become Bratang Floral Market Tourism and Fauna has align.
Now that flower market has been regular, its hygiene is still awake. It is really in pleasure just for who reside there, because as far as we look into it’s only seen the leaf green and variegation of flowers. The service and the friendly is the typical of Bratang Flower Market. The comfortable of buyer is a real main thing that paid attention by the merchants. It is expected that the visitors are feel balmy and happy during they stay there.
Bratang Flower Market opens during 24 hours one day, although some merchants something has been closing. This location is very strategic market place because it resides near to the city transport of Bratang terminal. In the north side there is Nursery and Manyar Megah Indah Shops as commercial area. The goods transportation owner like Mitsubishi L-300 pick-up that rented also had resided in this market.