The Aermata grave is located in Buduran village, Arosbaya district; it is the Bangkalan king’s grave at dynasty Cakraningrat I-VII (16 to 18 century). The grave complex is located on the Buduran hill. Kanjeng Ratu Syarifah Ambami, the princess from the first Bangkalan king, namely Raden Praseno or Cakraningrat I had buried there. The king historical has assumed to be a holly. Hence, the grave complex of kanjeng Ratu, which also grandchild Sunan Giri, is always inundated of pilgrimage from various areas, even from outside country.
The potency, which able to be enjoyed by the tourists in Aer Mata grave is the unique of the carved at the wall side in each dome, and grave warangka that so exquisite, and artistic. In 1975 the carve arts in grave complex of Aer Mata get the artistic champion title carved omission of ancient Asian selenium. It give in the artistic of carved Angkor World in Cambodia which known as one of 7 omission miracles (ancient) world. Carve dome wall and warangka made from alabaster to symbolize the association phonetic symbol and reconciliation between the believers in Madura at 16 to 18 century ago. The configuration of building architecture art was started from consecutive admission doorstep, fence circled, and 3 domes grave of king. It is the ancient vision culture pledge. Building physical of this grave has done without using cement gluten, except brick heap with natural technique insulator.