Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street can be found before we go to the Great Sultan's Palace-Keraton. The road from Tugu train station in the north and runs straight down to the Karaton at the south end, it is the most attractive road of the city, which is always busy days and nights.
A long the street we can find many of handycraft are sold. We can get it with a cheap prizes. There is so many shop from traditional shops until mal and department store.
At night we can enjoy many food like gudeg (unique food of Yogyakarta) or another food. We can eat that food in lesehan restaurant. There is no chair there, so we eat that food with sit on the carpet at the side of Malioboro Street.
We can also enjoy the performance of public road singer while we eat at lesehan restaurant. Or maybe we can ordering a street drawer to draw our face in canvas.
We can see many andong (cart pulled by horses) and becak(cart driving by man) parking there. We can order that traditional public transportation to go around of Yogyakarta.